Selling to Us

1. Bring your items in... no special folding or hangers required.
2. A skilled team member evaluates your items using propeitary software to ensure the most accurate payment.
3. We contact you to confirm your payout.
3. You get paid instantly via PayPal, Venmo or Google Pay and we can even donate the items  we couldn't purchase to a local charity on your behalf.
4. Oh wait... thats it.¬†😎

P.S. If you prefer cash or check, you can always pick that up in-store instead of the instant payment.

Selling on Your Own

1. List your item on an online marketplace.
2. Take numerous photos of your item and upload them.
3. Do hours of research in order to price your item right.
4. Wait weeks or even months for it to sell.
5. Pay up to 15% of your items value in marketplace fees.
6. Pay¬†$10 to $25¬†in shipping or worse... have to do a porch pickup with a stranger... yikes!¬†😳
7. Even after you sell your item the buyer may issue a chargeback with their credit card company or make false claims, costing you even more!

Selling to Them

1. Bring your items in on hangers or perfectly folded.
2. Try to find out when you can actually drop items off.
3. Take your items to a store that looks like it hasn't been updated in 10 years.¬† 😰
4. Wait hours until your items are valued by using guesswork.
5. Drive back up to the store to get paid or worse have to deal with a lengthy consignment.
6. Take any items the store couldnt purchase and drive to another place to donate them or worse have them take up room at your house.¬†¬† 🙄