We turn numerous of your unwanted items into extra cash! Drop off your item(s)... no appointment required, and we will text or call you when your money is ready for pickup... its that simple, you can also wait in our store for your items to be valued if you wish. Check out our " What We Buy" section for more information on what we buy and the brands we love! To make it even easier, any items we cannot purchase we can donate for you to a local charity.
We sell the items we buy in our store, and on our eBay website. Make a purchase on our site... sit back and relax while we get your item to you quickly and easily. You can also select local pickup and we will text you or email you when your order is ready. View our online store by pressing the ebay logo at the top of the page or by coming into our store and browsing on our iPad Pro.
We donate a percentage of our sales to a local charity that provides the most Christmas M.A.G.I boxes in the country to children around the world. The boxes are filled with clothing, small toys, hygiene items and many more gifts. For more information visit, www.hhi.org/magi
We love to give back to our community and appreciate your support in doing so!